Raquel is the founder of Back 2 Neutral Therapy, a massage therapy business specializing in athletes and burn victims. A graduate of the University of Florida and the Florida School of Massage, Raquel has over ten years of academic research and practical experience. Her passion for volunteering and educating others is evident throughout her journey. Raquel has volunteered and worked with multiple organizations including:

  • Olympic Trial Men’s Marathon with Wharton  Performance Group

  • Wisconsin & Rhode Island & Indiana AMTA (trained fellow massage therapists prior to their attendance at The Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress) 

  • Central Virginia Burn Camp 

  • Camp Amigo (where she was part of a research group that studied the effects of scar massage on Range of Motion on youth burn survivors)

Raquel’s unique approach and dedication has led to guest speaking in the ongoing “Working with Matured Scar Tissue”workshops in the U.S. and abroad. It was in these workshops where Raquel found her calling to begin teaching, mentoring and motivating others

to get involved through volunteering.